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Ohio-based Clean Hydrogen Hub will fuel business growth and job creation in a broad range of industries across the state…

  • Positions Ohio as a world leader in public and private sector clean energy, zero-emission R&D
  • Create and preserve thousands of good-paying jobs across broad industry sectors
  • Maximize use of Ohio’s bountiful natural gas resources and infrastructure
  • Enable existing companies, including steelmakers, refineries, chemical producers, and paper mills to meet their net-zero carbon goals
  • Make Ohio a “go-to” state for new businesses searching for safe, affordable ways to reduce their carbon footprint

Hydrogen based steel processes and carbon capture and storage are among the more promising and sustainable technologies currently being developed. As we build momentum toward our ambitious goal targeting net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, the opportunity to explore the potential for a hydrogen hub in this region…is cause for optimism.

Richard Fruehauf, Senior Vice President, Chief Strategy & Sustainability Officer, United States Steel

Ohio has…the proudest history and the best manufacturing talent in the country. We have the history of the workers… the passion… the innovation. And we certainly have the physical capital. We have the factories. We have the space ready to be retooled and repurposed. We just need the investment.

United States Senator Sherrod Brown