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The Ohio Advantage

Competition for CHH funding will be fierce. West Virginia, North Dakota, New Mexico, Texas and other states are expected to bid for the billions of dollars at stake. Ohio’s advantage: we check all the boxes established for CHH siting in the Infrastructure Act… 

Located in largest US natural gas basin

  • 30–50-year supply of low-cost feedstock
  • Geologic storage
  • Existing natural gas infrastructure

Manufacturing capacity

  • Steel,
  • Automotive,
  • Glass,
  • Chemicals
  • Wood and paper processing

Workforce Capacity

Emerging H2 Markets

  • Established leader in industrial use
  • Early leader in transportation
  • Power generation in development

Carbon Use and Sequestration Options

University Research

Bipartisan support for transition to H2 economy

  • Senators Portman & Brown advocated and voted for CHH funding